Thinking about laser tattoo removal?

The benefits are many, including:qx max system-11

  • Laser tattoo removal targets & destroys tattoos without damaging surrounding tissue.
  • Laser tattoo removal leaves skin looking more uniform and natural.
  • Laser tattoo removal is non-invasive and non-surgical.
  • Laser tattoo removal is effective on most skin tones.
  • Laser tattoo removal offers dramatic results with multiple sessions.
  • Laser tattoo removal requires little downtime.

We use the most advanced system yet of getting rid of those tattoos that just don’t feel right any more! Based in Rainham, Kent we provide expert treatments for tattoo removals of all kinds; whether an expert work of art by a professional tattoo artist or a misguided teenage mistake with a razor blade and Indian ink our treatments can literally make that old tattoo fade away to healthy bare skin once again.

The Right Laser - FOTONA QX MAX

There are many aesthetic lasers out there, but only a specific type can be used for tattoo removal. Lasers for hair removal, fat reduction, or vein removal have the wrong style of laser for treating tattoos. Only “Q-switched” lasers feature the advanced technology to safely remove tattoos.  When seeking treatment for laser tattoo removal, not all Q-switched lasers have the superior build quality of the FOTONA QX MAX.

No other tattoo removal lasers offer the same degree of effectiveness and safety. FOTONA QX MAX technology allows for the removal of almost all tattoo ink colors with a minimum number of treatments.  By removing the ink in your tattoo and minimizing the impact on your skin, laser tattoo removal with an FOTONA QX MAX laser can safely return your skin to its natural look.

Our tattoo removal service includes;

  • Detailed consultations to explain the treatmentquest3
  • Treatment by highly qualified and experienced laser specialists
  • Accurate estimates of time and cost for your removal
  • Complete or partial removals
  • The latest laser equipment on the market
  • Fast, accurate and effective treatments
  • Cyro Chiller to minimise discomfort
  • Before and after care and advice

you have found an Expert Practitioner

Don’t be a cautionary tale. Tattoo regret is common, do not compound your mistake by choosing the wrong clinic with lttan inferior laser or so-called 'new' technology as such the poorly researched flimsy science behind pico tattoo removal technology.

Here at BEAUTONICS we have invested in the superior  quality of the FOTONA QX MAX  tattoo removal technology.

All our tattoo removal specialists a have undergone an expert hands-on course with the FOTONA QX MAX device. Our FOTONA QX MAX  laser practitioners have had the training to determine the precise laser settings for effective, safe tattoo removal and to protect patient safety.

Here at we BEAUTONICS have some of the most experienced laser tattoo removal specialists in the UK, with over 5 years knowledge of successfully removing tattoos, whilst also being Certified Fotona Lasers Trainers and being qualified to degree level.

Laser tattoo removal works by bombarding the tattoo ink with light energy; the light passes through your skin layer to act directly on the ink, breaking it down over a course of treatments into small particles your body naturally absorbs, gradually fading the tattoo away to nothing.

Full of advanced features our laser system produces some superior results even with multi-coloured tattoos that other lasers simply can’t cope with. Backed up by a highly trained team of operators who can talk you through every step of the treatment and give you detailed estimates and the very best before and after care advice Laser Tattoo Removal is the ultimate in simple and effective.

You can find full details of our services on the tattoo removal and how it works pages of this website and we welcome enquiries at any time; contact us today to ask questions or arrange to come in for a consultation.